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Cocoa Products

We guarantee high-quality products, every time

The ZOR's Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Management System meets the highest standards to facilitate approval in numerous countries, covering all our activities:

Refining Cocoa Butter

Melting and Packing of Cocoa Liquor

  • We can melt your cartons into liquid liquor.
  • Liquid liquor can be delivered in bulk or be repacked.
  • We can accept your liquid liquor and pack it.

Packing of Cocoa Liquor

  • We have a dedicated packing line for cocoa liquor.
  • We can pack in the following weights: 10,15,20,25 kg.
  • We can also pack in drums.

Product Storage

  • Temporary storage of raw material or finished goods in bulk tanks.
  • Temporary storage of packed products and packaging materials.

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