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Specialty Products

Delivering specialty oils and fats tailored to your specific needs

Closely connected to global sources and local communities in the countries of origin, we are uniquely positioned to offer customers a wide range of exclusive products.

Products may be sourced from a single point of origin, appointed by you. In this way,  you and your customers can have direct contact with producers, and we can guarantee the unique sourcing of the oil.  We refine, which is in fact clean, your oil to a grade which is suitable for your application. 

At ZOR, we can adjust the refining recipe and/or the specifications to meet your requirements. This enables you to enter new markets with specialty oil specification. 

Products for food and non-food applications:

Shea Butter /  Babassu Oil / Cocoa Butter / Mango Oil / Brazil Nut Oil / Olive Oil:

  • refined grade
  • natural / filtered grade
  • organic grade - EU and NOP 

Prices and product specification sheets are available on request

If you have a specific request, please contact us and together we can develop a solution that is right for you. 

For more information about our offerings, please Contact Us